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Graduation Hat Throw

Donations for CHS 23

Your support helps us celebrate!

We are so excited to carry on the tradition of holding this decades-long event for our children in June 2023. Every dollar and kindness counts as we reach toward our goals for this event. 

Please see a few options below for both monetary giving opportunities and gifts of time or service.


To provide a contribution of $100 or less through our online portal, please see the options below. We also have a direct-donate button where you can choose to give a monetary donation of any amount.

volunteer opportunities

Click the link in the committee title to email Janel. Include your name, email, phone number, and committee you can help with. 

Blank Envelopes

This is an extremely important job, we rely on local business donations to help fund our alcohol and drug-free Grad Night Party.

  • Heads up the business donor letters.

  • Mail out letters to local businesses to ask for donations.

  • Create a google doc that can be shared with co-chairs.

  • Follow up with businesses on donations.

  • Coordinate donations of envelopes, stamps, and paper.

  • Letters need to go out no later than October 15, 2022

Security Guard
  • Do bag checks and breathalyzer.

  • Get a breathalyzer and know how to use it.

  • Secure the doors and make sure no one goes in or out.

  • Rome bathrooms, corners, etc to make sure everyone is safe.

  • Wear something to show you are security.

Girl with Shopping Bags
  • Create a system for kids to shop.

  • Create a system for the distribution of store items. 

  • Organize the delivery of store items to the Kroc Center.

Tickets Prizes
  • Plan, shop, and group raffle items.

  • purchase the raffle tickets, pens, pencils, and bags for the raffle. 

  • Manage raffle ticket sales.

  • Deliver, organize, and set up items in the raffle room.

  • Create and place raffle signs around the facility.

  • Print and post raffle descriptions.

Cleaning Tables
  • Place signs that need to be posted around the facility.

  • Make signs for the businesses that made donations.

  • Set up a car-winning jar.

  • collect Viking money, pick up garbage, take signs down and help clean up.

Volunteer Group
  • Heads up the fundraising committee.

  • Follow through with fundraising ideas.

  • Coordinate with local businesses like Sage Boutique, Crumble Cookie, Krispy Kreme, Mod Pizza, Panda Express, and more for fundraising opportunities.

Fast Food
  • Plan the menu for the night.

  • Get food and drinks donated.

  • Manage volunteers for the night.

  • Get paper products, plates, napkins, and utensils. 

  • Keep track of donors so we can acknowledge them.

  • Secure coolers for Ice and drinks.

  • Organize the pick-up and delivery of the food.

Concert Tickets
  • Keep track of students purchasing tickets by date.

  • prepare envelopes for Grad Night. Sort them alphabetically into four groups.

  • Be in touch with the counseling department to coordinate the distribution of scholarship tickets. 

  • Label wristbands with student shopping time.

  • Manage and check in all volunteers.

  • Coordinate volunteers who know how to play casino games.

  • Manage the money, rules, payouts, and chips.

  • Make sure all casino equipment is in working order for the night; visors, arm bands, dice, etc.

  • Responsible for setting up and tear down of casino tables.

Playing the Guitar
  • Come up with entertainment ideas for Grad Night.

  • Get quotes on / donations of entertainment for the night.

  • Book entertainment.

  • Manage entertainment for the night.

Cleaning Tables
  • Place signs that need to be posted around the facility.

  • Make signs for businesses that made donations.

  • Set up car-winning jar.

  • Collect Viking money.

  • Pick up garbage, take down signs, help clean up.

  • Come up with entertainment ideas for the Grad Night Party.

  • Collect quotes for / donations of entertainment.

  • Book entertainment for the night.

  • Manage the entertainment for the night.

For information on upcoming volunteer opportunities, please contact

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